Fitness trackers, also known as activity trackers, are devices or applications for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calories consumed, heartbeat and/or quality of sleep.

Most modern fitness trackers are wearables of some form or another – such as smartwatches, fitness bands, in-ear earbuds with built-in fitness tracking sensors, and so on. Most connect to smartphones using Bluetooth® or Bluetooth® Low Energy in order to allow smartphone apps to capture and log the fitness data, allowing for long-term tracking of the user’s fitness level.

Fitness trackers are not generally classed as medical products but may nonetheless have applications in healthcare.

Our Expertise
At Kingston Wireless, we have a huge amount of experience in developing products based on Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy, including of audio products and other wearables. We also have good experience of writing companion smartphone apps for Android and iOS.

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With our in-depth knowledge of the Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy protocols, the Bluetooth industry, low-power wireless device manufacturing, embedded software development and smartphone app development, we are ideally placed to help you develop the products you want.