There are a vast number of uses for wireless technology in industry. Whether it be for tracking items on a production line, cars for example, to see at what stage of production they are at, or monitoring environmental data like gasses, temperature, dust levels or humidity.

Remote tracking of items on a production line can help provide useful data such as how long an item spends at each area of production and therefore where processes can be improved or speeded up. It can also be used for tracking items in a warehouse, pallets or containers for example or items being moved in an automated process.  Or for collecting speed and weight data when handling different materials.

In more sensitive or potentially dangerous situations wireless technology is useful for activating things remotely, like a pump or valve where toxic chemicals are being used.

Wireless technology can be widely used for security and safety monitoring. To detect movement, temperature changes, gas leaks, humidity levels and trigger the activation of security measures like gates or doors being opened or closed, emergency lighting coming on or alarms being sounded.