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Bluetooth SIG Announces “Bluetooth World”

Bluetooth SIG Announces New Bluetooth Wireless Conference to Showcase Bluetooth® Technology Innovation, Growth, and New Product Opportunities

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) have announced the launch of a new annual conference, to be called “Bluetooth World”, to further support the development of the Bluetooth marketplace. The conference shall be open to “industry experts, wireless entrepreneurs, app developers and gadget makers, media and analysts along with current and prospective Bluetooth SIG members”.

“The Bluetooth revolution is underway. Every day, we’re seeing an abundance of ordinary objects made smart with Bluetooth, redefining the way consumers interact with their technology,” said Mark Powell, Bluetooth SIG executive director. “Bluetooth World has been specifically designed to support and encourage the wave of innovation from developers and our members, showcasing recent success stories, providing expert insights into how to use the technology as well as thought-provoking insights for the future. This is a can’t-miss event for anyone interested in the future of wireless technology.”

This year’s Bluetooth World Conference will take place in Shanghai, China from April 10 to 11 and will kick off with a keynote address by renowned technology expert and author, Robert Scoble.