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CSR Launches CSR8675

Like the CSR8670 but bigger, better and faster – and with higher quality audio!

CSR plc have today launched the CSR8675™, which it is billing as the “world’s first integrated Bluetooth high definition audio platform with support for ambient noise cancellation” and claiming that it “enables OEMs to differentiate products while providing consumers with higher quality audio”.

The CSR8675 builds on the successful CSR8670™ part (which we use in many of our projects) but offers greater processing power, enhanced quality audio output and improved noise cancellation support. Like the CSR8670, the new CSR8675 is a Flash-based part (allowing it to run custom software), includes a DSP for audio processing and supports dual-mode Bluetooth 4.1 (meaning both Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Low Energy).

The CSR8675 contains an upgraded digital signal processor (DSP) core that delivers up to 120 MIPS of processing power, compared with 80 MIPS for its predecessor. This enables more advanced audio processing algorithms to be supported, resulting in very high quality, enriched audio performance. Coupled with the chip’s 24 bit digital audio support, this ensures that products based on the CSR8675 platform will deliver the high definition audio that is increasingly demanded by sophisticated consumers. In addition, the chip supports aptX® Low Latency and so will enable consumers to watch video while listening to synchronised wireless audio.

The CSR8675 platform also includes new support for Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC), removing the need for an external ANC IC as used in many of today’s popular high-end headphones and headsets.

“Audiophiles looking to buy the highest quality audio devices crave exceptional sound quality together with the convenience of wireless connectivity,” says Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group at CSR. “The CSR8675 offers customers new processing power and a platform upon which they can significantly differentiate their high-end products while delivering a truly immersive listening experience to the end user.”

CSR8675 key features:

  • Increased DSP performance up to 120 MIPS
  • Integrated high performance stereo DAC & ADCs
  • 24 bit digital audio support
  • 2 x I2S interfaces
  • 1 x SPDIF interface
  • 2 x additional GPIOs compared with the CSR8670
  • Bluetooth v4.1 support
  • 16Mb internal eflash and up to 64Mb external serial flash
  • 6 x Capacitive touch sensor inputs
  • Up to six digital microphone inputs
  • Support for ANC feed-forward architecture