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Mobile phone Bluetooth penetration hits 90%

Bluetooth penetration reaches 90% across all mobile phones

According to a report released at this year’s Bluetooth World event, Bluetooth® penetration across all mobile phones (not just smartphones) has reached 90 percent during 2014, with this figure expected to grow to 96 percent by 2018. This highlights the huge potential market for Bluetooth audio products, Bluetooth® Low Energy enabled proximity tags, fitness, health and sleep monitors and many other types of smartphone accessories.

These figures are contained within IHS Technology’s “Connectivity in Consumer, Mobile and IT Market Tracker” report.

Lisa Arrowsmith, associate director for connectivity, smart homes and smart cities at IHS Technology, notes the growth of Bluetooth technology in hub devices has driven Bluetooth® Low Energy (previously known as Bluetooth Smart) growth in a diverse array of applications. “It has really been phenomenal to watch Bluetooth Smart drive the creation of a whole new class of far-reaching solutions for the ‘Internet of My Things’. This growth is set to continue, as Bluetooth Smart is a leading choice for low-power solutions that need to communicate with consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets PCs, and more, creating a whole new category of ‘appcessories‘.”​

According to the Bluetooth SIG, “In addition to healthy forecasts for Bluetooth penetration in mobile phones, mobile PCs and media tablets, IHS forecasts growth of Bluetooth technology in the home, specifically in the living room. LCD TVs are also set to see growth in Bluetooth connectivity, from 19 percent today to 33 percent in 2018. PCs, both mobile and desktop, are projected to see extensive growth over the next four years. Mobile PC penetration will rocket from 56 percent in 2013 to 75 percent in 2018. Desktop PCs, while declining in sales overall, are expected to see growth in Bluetooth adoption from 10 percent in 2013 to 27 percent in 2018. Mobile and desktop PCs, acting as in-home hubs, will fuel the growth of Bluetooth Smart accessories for diverse applications.”