CSR Synergy™

CSR Synergy™ is an integrated wireless host software solution for embedded systems, providing a common Application Programming Interface (API) to multiple technologies, allowing the developer to integrate several wireless features each with their own dedicated stack. By taking a full system approach, CSR Synergy guarantees that multiple wireless technologies will work together and coexist perfectly.

From the end users point of view it provides a seamless switch from one wireless connectivity technology to another, such as the ability to switch between Bluetooth wireless technology to Wi-Fi and back again, without the user even knowing. This helps to optimise efficiency and battery power for whatever function is being performed, i.e. moving large files or streaming video. A device could also switch automatically between, for example, a wireless area network (WAN) to GPS so that connectivity remains constant when the user moves out of range of the WAN.

CSR Synergy™ is a product developed by CSR and you can find out more about it by visiting their website – click here >>