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Consumer Electronics Show 2015

This year’s International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas from 6th to 9th January. With an attendance of over 170,000 visitors and 3,600 exhibitors (c.f. 160,000 and 3,200 for last year), it was the largest show in the event’s history.

Much of the excitement at this year’s event was centered on the Internet of Things (IoT); this is expected to have a huge impact on a broad range of industries as more and more products and devices become connected to the internet.

Demonstrating the potential significance of this market is that new, competing IoT platforms from Apple, Google and Samsung were all represented at CES 2015; Google acquired Nest Labs almost a year ago, Samsung bought SmartThings last August and Apple’s first release of their HomeKit platform came with iOS 8 in September. There were a range of devices supporting each of these platforms present.

Away from these major tech companies, there were many other IoT products on display targeted at the domestic market (as well as other industrial and commercial products); for instance, several appliances manufacturers were demonstrating smart connected “white goods” appliances.

There were also many different types of wearables on display, such as fitness trackers, health sensors and smartwatches. These generated a great deal of interest and this promises to become another very large market segment.

Other smart Bluetooth®appcessories” on display included the “Noke” smart padlock and Bragi’s “The Dash” TruWireless in-ear stereo earbuds that also act as a fitness tracker. CSR also “[lit] up Las Vegas’ nightlife with CSRmesh™ glow sticks”; this rather cool demonstration of their Bluetooth mesh technology can be viewed on YouTube here.

Away from IoT products and wearables, there were (as ever) many of the latest TVs on display; this year, the emphasis seemed to be on bigger, brighter, sharper, thinner and smarter displays. Various companies were demonstrating their latest VR (Virtual Reality) creations and drones were also well represented.

A number of companies had 3D printers on display; these might not have hit the mainstream yet but the technology is certainly advancing. This year saw printers that can work with materials such as metal, wood, stone, nylon and even chocolate.

Several car manufacturers showed off cars with autonomous features – from futuristic self-driving concept cars to real-world-right-now self-parking and collision-avoidance capabilities.

Finally, we were pleased to see that one of our clients has, again, won a number of “CES best of” awards for products that we co-developed with them.

Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards 2015 Finalists Announced

Bluetooth SIG Announces Finalists For The 2015 Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) have announced the finalists for the 2015 Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards. Congratulations to all the finalists (as listed below). An overall winner, along with four category winners, will be announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona, Spain on the 2nd March.

“The submissions for this year’s Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards really run the gamut, from fun and novel to life-improving,” said Mark Powell, executive director of the Bluetooth SIG. “Our finalists this year touch on practically every market, including smart home, health and wellness, retail, accessories, consumer electronics, and even public transport. Bluetooth wireless technology is the common thread that brings all these devices, and the broader Internet of Things, together.”

Finalists by Category:

Breakthrough Products

  • BusAccess®, smart public transport application and product (GeoMobile GmbH)
  • Microsoft Band, fitness tracker (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Nova, smartphone flash accessory and application (SneakySquid LLC)
  • SMART kapp, Bluetooth® enabled whiteboard (SMART Technologies)
  • SwingTracker, motion monitor for softball/baseball bats (Diamond Kinetics)
  • Zuli Smartplug, smart plug/outlet adapter (Zuli)

Breakthrough Applications

  • Cub Connect™, lawn tractor and application (Cub Cadet)
  • Oral-B Application, electronic toothbrush and application (Procter & Gamble)
  • ReSound Smart™, hearing aid and application (ReSound)
  • Riccardo Application, in-store beacon system and retail application (AMP Media Group)

Breakthrough Prototypes

  • COBI​, wireless hub and hands-free bicycle system (iCradle GmbH)
  • FITGuard, Bluetooth® enabled mouth guard (Force Impact Technologies)
  • FreeWavz, wireless headphones with fitness tracking capabilities (hEar Gear, Inc)
  • Noke, Bluetooth enabled padlock (FŪZ Designs)
  • oort, home automation system and hub (Oort Technologies)
  • SmartMat, sensor-laden yoga mat (SmartMat)

Breakthrough Student

  • Santiago Ambit, WeOn Glasses
  • Christopher Morales, BlueFly
  • Olivia Siller, Bluetooth® Diabetic Pump
  • Kenneth Shinozuka, Wearable Sensors for Healthcare Innovation
  • Jody Vankeuren, CAPD Bluetooth
  • Sarah White, Fitwell