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Remote Control for iPhone, iPod or iPad

In 2009, Kolila was given the opportunity to work with one of the leading suppliers of Apple accessories on one of their exciting new products. The product allows an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad to be used as a universal remote control, allowing the user to control several consumer electronic devices, with just one remote.

A software application installed on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad allows data to be transmitted, via Bluetooth® wireless technology, through a unit containing infra-red transmitters that direct a signal around the room to the TV, stereo, multimedia system, air conditioning unit, or whatever has been programmed.

Unity Remote Control

Kolila’s part in this project was to develop the PCB design and layout (suitable for final production) and the embedded software that sits in the transmitter unit.

The Bluetooth® functionality for this device was provided by a module based on CSR’s BC5-MM chip with an application based around the TrueWireless SDK 2009 RC4.0.