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New CSR Devices for Wireless Games Controllers

CSR Announce Launch of New Dual-Mode Bluetooth® Devices Targeted at Low Power, Next Generation Wireless Gaming Controllers

Having developed or co-developed a number of Bluetooth®-based games controllers, we are pleased to note that CSR plc have today announced the launch of two new Bluetooth devices designed specifically for this application. Unlike their older equivalent parts, the new CSRB5341™ and CSRB5342™ are both dual-mode Bluetooth® 4.1 parts (meaning they can operate using both Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Low Energy). Both are targeted at wireless gaming controllers and HID applications.

“CSR is committed to helping OEMs create exciting new functionality for the next generation of low-energy wireless gaming devices,” says Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group at CSR. “With the CSRB534x series we are delivering a powerful, flexible and feature rich platform that can be used with multiple operating systems.”

Ultra-Low Power

By combining support for Bluetooth® Low Energy with CSR’s highly-efficient baseband technology, the new CSRB5341™ and CSRB5342™ parts enable the development of ultra low-power wireless gaming controllers that also minimise latency.


The new parts offer a wide range of fully configurable digital or analogue I/O, including direct LED drive. Both include embedded program ROM and RAM, and offer the option of using external SQI Flash memory. Both parts can utilise Apple’s MFi® protocol for use with iOS-based handheld devices, or SPP, HID or HID-over-GATT for other smartphone platforms.

The CSRB5342 also includes features such as embedded USB battery charging for lithium cells and digital microphone support.