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CSR Launches “CSR Mesh” Network Protocol

New protocol to run on top of Bluetooth® Low Energy to create mesh networks of many devices with minimal setup and low latency

CSR plc have today announced the launch of their new “CSR Mesh” technology to widen the scope of Bluetooth® Low Energy and take it further into the IoT space.

The new CSR Mesh protocol runs on top of standard Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE; previously known as Bluetooth Smart) but creates decentralized networks of interconnected devices, where any device in a network can communicate with any other and each network can support up to 65,000 devices. As each device extends the range of the entire network, the normal Bluetooth Low Energy range limitations cease to apply.

Since CSR Mesh is built on top of standard Bluetooth Low Energy, most existing Bluetooth Low Energy devices should be capable of being updated to support this new standard. This extends to PCs and smartphones, opening up the possibility of using these to simply and conveniently control large numbers embedded devices.

Initial applications for CSR Mesh are expected to include smart lighting systems, heating control, building control, security systems and asset tracking.

“Unlike other home automation connectivity solutions, such as Zigbee or Z-Wave, CSR Mesh ensures direct control from mobile devices anywhere in the home, because it doesn’t have a limited range or require a hub,” says Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group at CSR. “CSR is committed to driving Internet of Things innovation. We believe this Bluetooth Smart solution will be a real game changer for developers because it means they don’t have to turn to proprietary solutions or add anything else to create products that give consumers what they want – complete home automation they can control from anywhere that ‘just works’.”

CSR have released a video demonstrating the new technology, which can be viewed here.